Dropshipping FAQ

Free Shipping with $100 Wholesale Order Minimum

We offer ultimate  Wholesale and Dropshipping conditions!

  • No minimum order quantity
  • You can cooperate with us without a Resale certificate (sales tax will be applied)
  • Additional discounts with Pre-orders for out-of-stock items
  • Bulk discounts available - Buy more Pay less
  • Best support service - feel free to ask everything you want by email

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an order?

  1. First you need to email us at
  2. Get the Price-list in our answer
  3. Input the quantities next to the products that you want, and save the Excel document (Do NOT edit any other parts of the document)
  4. Finally, send an e-mail to with the document attached.
  5. We will reply to you (within 24 business hours) with the best prices based on your order along with the instructions for the payment.
  6. Pay your INITIAL ORDER and get access to our wholesale portal
  7. Get Shipment Notification e-mail (includes Tracking No. of each parcel and the final invoice .pdf) 

What type of payments do you accept?

You can pay the invoice with a Debit/Credit Card and ACH transfer

Are shipping costs included in the prices?

Yes, we offer Free shipping for all orders


How can I get a Wholesaler Price List and Form Order?

Just email us and you will be able to access it


What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is $100 and 1 piece per item.


Do you offer Drop-ship?

Yes, we offer ultimate drop-shipping services.


I need a specific item and can not find it on the price-list

Feel free to request for some SPECIFIC ITEM selection that you are interested in, in case you can not find it at the moment on our stock. 
We will do our best to provide you in a timely manner with our feedback (possibility to supply, delivery time, quantity, and anticipated price range).
WISH LISTS, and well as SPECIAL DEALS requests will be arranged on an individual level between the client and the sales agent in charge of the transaction.


Do You Supply Testers?

We Do Not Buy Or Supply Testers Or Any Merchandising Material.


For Any Other Question Or Help Please Feel Free To Contact Us